Non-Recourse Invoice Factoring


Get instant access to the money owed to your business with Non-recourse Invoice factoring

When your company is low on cash, you can turn to us. At Business Factors, we collect the money owed directly from your customers. We provide non-recourse financing by taking 100% of the risk of non-payment — and full responsibility for collecting the invoices.

Bottom line: We will guarantee payment of the factored invoice, even when the customer is unable to pay.

Eliminate Credit Risk Using non-recourse factoring

This approach is a higher risk for us, but an excellent option if you own a small business or startup. Our non-recourse financing helps your business in many ways, including:

Gives you your cash quickly, with no strings attached

Eliminates often time-consuming and costly collection efforts

Removes all liability from your business if an invoice is not paid by your customer

Treats your customers the way you would treat them — with complete professionalism

Saves money over banks, which will charge you closing costs, origination fees, points, as well as interest

Most factoring companies offer recourse factoring as well (also called recourse financing). With recourse factoring, if the invoice is not paid, the factoring company can legally obtain the money from the business that has received the cash advance.

Use Non-recourse Invoice Factoring to grow Your Business Faster than Ever Before

The vast majority of invoices we buy use non-recourse factoring, but our customers can choose whether to use recourse factoring or non-recourse factoring (note: when we buy invoices that are not originals and have already been mailed, the transaction becomes factoring with recourse).

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