Credit Card Factoring


How non-recourse credit card factoring can help your business

Restaurants, retailers, small and mid-sized businesses, and many other product or service companies that accept credit cards can boost cash flow with our credit card factoring services. Our team at Business Factors & Finance can establish credit card receivables financing with your business to get cash advances on your future credit card sales.

Credit card receivables factoring is a cash advance transaction. You receive cash advances on your future credit card sales, with no loans to pay back — ever. You pay back your advance gradually as we retrieve a specified amount through a small percentage of your credit card sales.

Fix cash flow problems without the hassle from a bank

Instead of applying for impossible business loans through a bank, let our team give you a better solution. Here are a few of the many benefits you will receive through credit card factoring:

Avoid extensive underwriting and payback schedules

Receive rates that are among the lowest in the industry

Pay no interest

Get your money fast

Experience no loss of equity in your business

Get low monthly minimums

No other credit card factoring company can compare. Our expertise is built on over 40 years of factoring credit card transactions for merchants like you.

Rely on America’s Leading Invoice Factoring Company

Unlike other credit card factoring companies, we can beat any rate and put no time limits or terms on your credit card receivables. If your credit card sales decline, so does the amount collected to pay back the cash advance.

Our credit card factoring involves very little underwriting, and our rates are among the lowest in the industry.

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