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You may see your need for short term loans, small business loans, long term loans, or even unsecured business loans as a cash flow problem. Business Factors & Finance sees it as a chance to help your business take advantage of an opportunity to grow.

You may need money to fulfill a large contract, absorb the cost of a large delivery before you receive payment, or cover payroll while you’re completing an order or a project.

Turn to Business Factors & Finance with confidence

Business Factors & Finance offers many different types of business loans for small, mid-sized or large enterprises in the U.S. and Canada. Count on us when you need to:

  • Target new markets
  • Expand your services
  • Pay suppliers
  • Fill more orders
  • Purchase inventory
  • Explore new business growth opportunities

Get the lowest rates on every business loan

BusinessFactors.com is committed to offering you the best short term loans, small business loans, long term loans, unsecured business loans or even start up business loans, all at the lowest rates. Here are just a few of the options we offer:

  • Asset-Based Loan
    Maximize your borrowing capacity using accounts receivable and inventory as collateral.
  • Business Loans
    Know that whenever you use BusinessFactors.com you get the easiest application process, highest approval rates and fastest turnaround time.
  • Inventory Financing Loans
    Inventory loans are perfect for businesses that need to keep some capital free for other expansions or investments.
  • Small Business Loans
    Limited cash flow can hinder growth, causing many small businesses to fail. Get the speed and personal attention you need on secured small business loans from Business Factors & Finance.
  • Term Loans
    If you need access to short term loans or long term loans to purchase equipment, fund growth, make payroll or even buy a new building, you can count on Business Factors & Finance.
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