Startup Funding

Realize your dream faster with startup funding options from Business Factors & Finance

New businesses are the backbone of the American dream. They provide innovations and jobs, as well as inspiration to others.

Usually, the biggest barrier when starting and running a new business is money. Without startup funding, a new business has no way to cover its costs until income can be produced. Without a way to cover its cash flow shortages it has no way to grow.

Get a custom startup financing plan that fits your business

Grow your new business even faster than you ever imagined with new business funding from Business Factors. Business Factors & Finance has a unique set of business products specially designed for financing a new business (including equipment financing and factoring of invoices).

With these startup business funding options, you can get your money from clients or customers fast. With invoice factoring, you can eliminate payroll shortages or lack of funds to handle the next job or contract.

Don’t let financing your new business be a struggle

At Business Factors, our application process for early operational startup financing is quick and easy. There’s very little underwriting or paperwork (often you receive a decision on your business startup funding within 24 hours). You get the cash you need in as little time as possible.

Turn to the startup business funding specialists at Business Factors & Finance, who make it surprisingly easy to grow your new business (including no upfront fee, simple credit qualifications and friendly, professional, confidential consulting).


Let Business Factors help make your dream come true.

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