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    Find out why most successful businesses use accounts receivable factoring to avoid cash flow problems.

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    Rely on our decades of factoring expertise in your industry to deliver the simple, low-cost & fast turnaround you need.

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    What can a business do without cash? Not much these days, which is why the most successful businesses choose factoring to resolve cash flow difficulties.

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    Request accounts receivable factoring for an advance of up to 96% of the face amount of your unpaid invoices.

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Meet today’s most business-friendly invoice factoring company ready to end your cash flow problems — forever. Unlike most factoring companies, your local team at Business Factors & Finance is 100% dedicated to making it fast and easy for you to generate the steady stream of cash you need to effectively operate and grow your business.

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Turn to professionals who understand your business.

You can rely on the expertise of your local representative at Business Factors & Finance. We understand the challenges unique to your industry or field and can provide you with the invoice factoring solution that is right for you and your business. Factoring invoices, accounts receivable, credit cards, contracts and other unpaid transactions is all we do. You get excellent local service, the lowest cost and the fastest turnaround.

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Oil & Gas

Call Business Factors & Finance to discover how easily you can solve your cash flow problems now. Our expertise as a factoring company for suppliers, oil field services, drillers, manufacturers and survey and geophysical operators helps us understand your business challenges. You can be factoring receivables quickly and get the cash you need to grow your operations…

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See the end of slow cash flow that makes it difficult to pay employees of your staffing business. Whether you’re in general staffing, medical staffing, IT staffing, or security staffing, you often need to make payroll before you get paid. Business Factors & Finance has the experience you need in factoring invoices for staffing firms. We can pay you now for contracts that are still in the process of being fulfilled. Anytime your cash flow is slow, Business Factors & Finance is the resource you can call to quickly and easily get the money you need…

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Trucking & Freight

Stop struggling to pay shippers, suppliers and fuel charges while you wait for payment. Turn to Business Factors & Finance now. Invoice factoring is our specialty and our 40+ years in account receivables factoring includes helping hundreds of transportation providers like you. Few other factoring companies or banks have the streamlined process in place to make getting the cash you need so fast and painless…

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Stop turning to traditional banks and other factoring companies when you need construction equipment financing, money to make payroll, loans to finish projects or have other financial needs. Those institutions are not set up to give you the 24-hour turnaround you need when cash flow is slow. Factoring receivables is our specialty. One call to us starts the fast process of putting cash in your pocket and keeping your construction projects on schedule…

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Information Technology

Avoid the traditional barriers to getting money for your technology company when cash flow has slowed. Accounts receivable factoring from Business Factors & Finance gets you the money you need right now to finish projects, pay IT teams, upgrade equipment or software and more. By handling the collections, Business Factors lightens your administrative load as well. Factoring invoices is our specialty, so call us today.

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